Join the Dumbo Feather eight week climate challenge
So often we watch documentaries or read books about climate change and are left feeling completely paralysed. When the facts and figures are so alarming, it’s hard to feel empowered to act—or to even know what the “act” is. This Dumbo Feather eight week climate challenge seeks to provide some guidance, offering clear ways you can do something about climate change and turn your apathy into much-needed action.

This challenge has been produced alongside a special climate change edition of the magazine (issue 52), which is full of these kinds of stories—from a Melbourne woman who runs climate conversation dinners to a British man who turned an abandoned mine site into a conservation park. In this guide we’re not asking you to do anything radical, we are just asking you to do something.  And you can. Sign up and you will receive one email a week with clear actions you can take. Because, as ocean activist Tim Silverwood says in issue 52, “You are the person you’ve been waiting for.” The time to act is now.
Thank you for signing up! You will receive your first climate challenge email on the 13th of August.
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